What Is The Best Printing Technology For Custom Packaging

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Printing Technology

In the present article, we are going to discuss certain things regarding printing and customization. A lot more people who are newbies or expert in the field, do not have a clear idea of the printing process that is being used in the printing and customization industry. In this article, we will help you to get the basics as well as the technology that is being used by the custom boxes manufacturers for printing a custom box.

Here, we will begin with the simple yet useful information and will slowly lead to the targeted information.

what is custom box packaging?

A custom box is the kind of box that is manufactured for fulfilling the requirements and demands of a special business industry in order to wrap up as well as cover their products while keeping the elements of beauty, aesthetics, security as well as safety in mind.

Purpose of custom box packaging:

Among many purposes, the main purpose of custom box packaging is to present the product that would attract the customers and compel them to buy the product. In addition to this, the primary focus as well as function of a custom box is to deliver the goods in a most secure as well as safe manner.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Printing and Custom box packaging:

You must have wondered that what is the relationship between the custom boxes and printing industry. Well, for your greater surprise, there is a direct as well as one to one relationship between the custom boxes packaging and the printing. The quality of custom box stands for the quality of product packed inside. The custom box is incomplete without the proper as well as quality printing on the custom boxes. The printing quality makes the custom box more presentable as well as beautiful one while fulfilling the aesthetic demand of the customers.

What is a printing technique?

A printing technique is a kind of technology used to print the designs using the quality as well as Biodegradable inks, that not only saves the environment but minimize the waste and controls pollution.

Different types of printing techniques:

There are some of the printing techniques that are being popular in various printing dimensions. These are the general printing types that are being used in various areas of printing. After getting a general view of types of printing, we will move towards the specific print technology being used for custom boxes packaging and corrugated boxes for shipping in different sizes.

Digital printing technology:

Digital printing is the kind of printing that takes the less time as well as potential. The whole printing spectrum is printed directly onto the paper as a final product. To avoid the management of color, the whole kit of CMYK is attached to it and the print comes as the final product.

Printing and Flexography:

This technology is also known as flexible painting. The whole gadget is directed by the artificial intelligence and the plates are used for printing the designs onto the surfaces.

Printing with Letterpress technology:

The technology is used in the same manner as it’s name suggests. The technology is being used by pressing the ink with certain patterns directly onto the raised surface or the ink containing pattern is pressed deeply on the paper which shows the final printing as the printed words as the raised surface.

Printing Cardboard Boxes

Offset printing:

In this printing technique, the printed image is contained by a plate. This plate transforms the image on a rubber blanket. This rubber blanket, in turn pastes this image as well as ink on the required surface.


Retro-gravure is a kind of technique that is used for engraving the image of the surface. In this process, an image is carved on the surface with the help of machine. This engraving process helps the printed image appear better as well as clear.

Screen Printing:

As its name suggest, this technique is uses a screen to print the image. A screen with the required image is placed. This screen acts as a barrier and whole surface is printed. The screened surface does not get printed and the rest of surface gets the image patterns imprinted on it.

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