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Econometrics is a very important subject, as the foundation for many sciences in many other fields, especially economics. To make a good econometric essay, you first need to understand the role of this subject as well as buy essay papers.

Why do you have to do econometric essays?

Econometrics is a major in economics that provides the basics of methods of constructing, measuring, estimating, and statistically analyzing relationships between economic variables using eview software. . Apply research models to forecast when knowing the value of the independent variable to support decision-making in economic activities.

This course aims to equip students with basic knowledge of methods of carrying out quantitative and empirical research. Econometrics is inherently a highly applicable discipline because positivist thinking operations are clearly scientific and close to life.

Doing econometric essay and buy essay papersLinks to an external site. will help students consolidate and apply the knowledge they have learned into research. Doing well your econometrics essay will also help you gain practical experience that will be useful in the process of going to work in the future.

Sample economical essay

You are wondering what topic to choose to make a good economic essay and get good grades. Please refer to the following sample topics and choose for yourself a topic that suits your ability.

1 / Survey of household income in Tan Binh district in 2019.

2 / Factors affecting the quantity and quality of labor in Vietnam in the period 2015 - 2020.

3 / The current situation of the number of Vietnamese workers and solutions.

4 / Research on factors affecting the current labor structure transformation in rural Vietnam.

5 / Factors affecting rice yield in the Mekong Delta.

6 / Analysis of factors affecting domestic tour prices.

7 / Survey on the use of social networks by students at Universities and Colleges in Ho Chi Minh City.

8 / Analysis of Vietnam - China economic and trade relations.

9 / Survey about the popularity of technology car calling applications today.

10 / Survey about consumer behavior trends on major e-commerce in Vietnam today.

11 / Survey of Vietnam's e-commerce market.

12 / Student and problem scientific research - Current status and solutions.

13 / Students and the problem of absenteeism - Current situation and solutions.

14 / Survey of factors affecting apartment prices in HCMC.

15 / Research the factors that affect the academic performance of students today.

16 / Factors affecting gross domestic product (GDP) in the period 2015 - 2019.

17 / The impact of unemployment on socio-economic life.

18 / The impact of the COVID 19 epidemic on the economy of our country.

19 / Study the effects of 3 factors: Population, investment capital and policy mechanisms on economic growth - GDP growth in HCMC.

20 / Study the impact of investment and import-export factors on Vietnam's gross domestic income (GDP) in the period 2010 - 2019.

21 / Analyze the factors affecting the mining productivity of Vietnam.

22 / Self-regression model and the delayed distribution model in econometrics.

23 / Analysis of factors affecting the fishing output of Binh Thuan province in the period 2015 - 2019.

24 / Factors affecting the international container shipping market.

25 / The influence of factors of GDP, interest rates and population density on capital mobilization of the system of Foreign Trade Commercial Bank of Vietnam.

26 / Survey of factors affecting house prices in HCMC.

27 / Students and the problem of overtime - Current situation and solutions.

28 / Factors affecting coffee production in the Central Highlands.

29 / Analyze the effects of the urban unemployment rate U and the FDI inflows on gross domestic product GDP.

30 / Multi-variable regression model in SPSS.

31 / Analysis of factors affecting traffic violation in Vietnam in the period of 2015 - 2019.

32 / Research on factors affecting the divorce situation in Ho Chi Minh City today.

33 / The influence of the state budget capital on investment in the state economic sector and the problems raised in the process of national economic renewal.

34 / Using econometric models to analyze and forecast the economy.

35 / Analysis of price indexes for medium-term socio-economic development planning in Vietnam.

36 / Analyze the current situation of Vietnam's population and its positive effects on socio-economic development.

37 / Verify and correct cointegration phenomena in Eviews.

38 / Analysis of problems related to the regression model.

39 / Analysis of factors affecting the development and distribution of service industries in Vietnam in the period 2005 - 2019.

40 / Analysis of factors affecting the amount of value of the goods.

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